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    Ballet Linoleum Event is intended for both temporary and long-term use. This one-sided linoleum is ideally suited for both stage and dance studios, presented in more than 20 colors. A large selection of colors will allow you to choose the most suitable option for any room - from nightclubs and dance halls to stages and podiums. It is easy to paint with PVC-based paints, from the Tuchler catalog.

    Manero Classic

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    Dance floor Manero is a spring collection floor for ballet linoleum. Elements are connected together through a system of spike-in-the-groove and fixed by a frame around the perimeter. Used in dance studios, rehearsal rooms, and also on the dance floor.

    Tape Pro-Dance

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    Adhesive tape for Tape Pro-Dance coatings As can be seen from the name of the UNIVERSAL model produced by Tuchler, this scotch is universal. That is, it is designed for mounting any flooring. Weary. With a relatively small width (50 mm), it is almost invisible on the outer gluing of joints. The length (33 m) allows for installation in medium-sized rooms from one roll. Produced in different color variations. It is presented in four color variants: black, white, transparent, gray


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    Floor for the dance hall WALZER Tuchler Collected panel ballet floor WALZER Tuchler is used for dance programs, as well as any other events held indoors. Non-deformable, moisture-resistant MDF panels, resistant to damage to the heels and cigarette ash plates are easily stacked and joined together at the edges with the help of connecting plates.

    Walzer floor trolley

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    Trolley for storage of the Walzer dance floor (volume 50m2) with a transport box for storage of additional accessories and small parts. Made of aluminum, some of the decorative elements are made of plastic, the rims of four wheels are made of rubber for soft movement.