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    EUROLITE LED Bar RGB 252/10 Black 20°

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    Intelligent LED spotlight (LED panel) The LED bar RGB 252/10 with RGB color mixing system has a long service life, low power consumption, high brightness of the light, minimal heat generation, practically maintenance-free.

    EUROLITE LED BAR-126 RGBA 10mm 40°

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    LED BAR-126 RGBA 10mm 40 ° - LED floodlighting device, RGBA color synthesis, 126 LEDs with a diameter of 10 mm, beam angle 40 degrees, length 575 mm, power 15 watts, DMX control 4/6 channels, built-in microphone.

    Image-Show IL-24 LED BAR

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    Image-Show IL-24 LED BAR. 24 LEDs x 15 watts. The beam opening angle is 25 ° (45 ° optional). Weight 5 kg.


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    LED device INVOLIGHT COBPAR100T uses as a light source one 100W RGB multi-chip (COB). Has a temperature sensor for overheating to control the speed of the fans. Weighs less than 3 kilograms


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    Involight LED BAR181 UV - LED Ultraviolet Lamp. Uses 18 LEDs with a power of 1W.

    Lancelot (1021T) Theatre

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    The Lancelot (1021T) Tracking Light Device The theater is the first modular long-focus spotlight with a large number of new features not seen before in this type of spotlights. The opening angle is narrow (2-5 degrees), 6 lenses are used to increase the resolution.

    Theatrical Devices

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