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    Supports for podiums have an uncontrolled, adjustable and telescopic structure. They are a component of the podiums and serve for their stable support at high loads, lifting to the desired height and leveling when installing the podium on an uneven floor or landscape.

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    Support Adjustable

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    Stage supports for the podium S3 Adjustable stage support S3 is an element of the Podiums of the S3 series with the height of 500 mm with the function of changing the height from 200 to 1000 mm. It has a diameter of 48 mm. It is made of high quality aluminum, as well as the platform of the platform of the podium, to which the support is rigidly fixed by the upper part. The lower part is equipped with a plastic stop, which protects the floors of the room where the stage design is mounted, from scratches.

    Support Unregulated

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    Elements of podiums S3 for non-standard solutions Supports are unregulated S3 standard - integral elements of the podium of the same series, made of high-quality aluminum. It has a height of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mm and a diameter of 48 mm. One end has a rigid fixed connection with the platform of the platform of the podium, at the other end is a plastic softener, protecting the floor surface from damage. The maximum load is 500 kg / m2.

    Telescopic support

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    Telescopic podium supports - convenience and safety Telescopic support S3 - is the support for the podiums of the same series, which has a telescopic structure (embedding aluminum tubular elements into each other). It has an initial height of 1 meter, but is capable of raising the podium to 1.5 meters. The width of the support is 48 millimeters.