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    Stroboscopes produce rapidly repeating bright light pulses. Radiate short, but very bright flashes of white light, create the effect of a light curtain. Ideal for concerts and shows.

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    ColorStrobe ™ — ColorStrobe Lite ™

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    The ColorStrobe ™ stroboscope and its ColorStrobe Lite ™ version have a waterproof casing that allows it to be used to create strobe effects on scenes and parties, including the open air.

    INVOLIGHT LED Strob140

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    The RGB Stroboscope Strob140 from Involight has an extended service life of up to 100,000 hours (in practice it lasts longer). Is able to create bright and dynamic light scenic effects.

    Strobe™ / Strobe Lite™

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    Strobe ™ Stroboscope and its Strobe Lite ™ modification create ineffable light impulse effects on scenes (including street), in nightclubs and at parties. The stroboscope has a moisture-proof casing, that is, it can be exposed to rain when mounted on the front light farm.


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