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    The stairs are for the podiums of Milos. Can have both a constant height, and changing up to one and a half meters. They are made of high-strength metal, the steps have anti-slip surfaces.

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    Adjustable Ladder 1000 - 1500 M

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    Adjustable stage ladder Milos Stage adjustable staircase has an adjustable height of 1000 - 1500mm. It is distinguished by reliability and safety during operation. The stairs of the stage have a special anti-slip surface.

    Adjustable Staircase 600 - 1000 Mm

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    Adjustable ladder on the podium 600 - 1000 mm - safety and practicality of every detail Adjustable ladder on the podium Milos is designed for scenes in height from 60 to 100 centimeters of any type (national, open, permanent). It is made of aluminum, and its steps have anti-slip surfaces. It has high stability and strength.

    Unregulated Ladder

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    Portable stairs on the stage up to 1000 mm - simplicity and art of stage constructions. The lightweight design of the portable ladder on the stage is made of steel, the platform covering is made of wood. It is designed for scenes up to 1 meter high (fixed or free installation, i.e. without platform mounts with stage scaffold). Each stage and platform is equipped with supports, making the portable ladder highly resistant.