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    Square section trusses

    Aluminum farms from Milos square section of different sizes and types for the installation of stage constructions, for installation of light, advertising, decorations in exhibition halls, shops, restaurants, variety venues, etc.

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    Square M222 Series Farm

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    Несмотря на то, что алюминиевые фермы M222 квадратного сечения – относятся к фермам малоформатного типа, они находят широкое применение в конструкциях различной длины и формы, монтируемых для выставок, торговых центров и сцен небольших размеров. Главное преимущество квадратных алюминиевых ферм M222 – их малый вес и прочность.

    Square M290 Series Farm

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    "Light weight and solid support!" - light farm Medium Duty Truss series M290 Scenic constructions from medium-format light trusses (series in the original - Medium Duty Truss) M290 have a square cross-section. Light weight due to the small thickness of the walls - only 2 millimeters. But at the same time they are extremely strong, why the structures created from such farms are the most stable. Most often they are used in the installation of scenes of medium size.

    Square M390 Series Farm

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    The design of the scene, created with the help of aluminum trusses M390 - the simplicity and quality of each part! Large square aluminum farms produced by Milos series M390 Large Format Truss2 - refer to the second type of truss of this format (Truss2). The developers have made small, but noticeably improving the quality of products, properties. Due to the difference in the width of the pipe and the thickness of its walls in different areas, the M390 farms have a reduced weight, and the design of the stage - increased strength.

    Square M390 Series Farm. General description

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    Farm aluminum square M390 Large Format Truss2 - modern design without waste! Presented in three variants (flat, triangular and square), an aluminum square mill produced by the Milos M390 series is of the Large Format Truss2 type (medium format of the second type of trusses). Unlike the 290 medium-sized aluminum frames of the medium format, they differ in the first type by the width of the truss itself (390 mm, respectively) and the thickness of the pipe walls at the connectors. Meanwhile, the thickness of the pipe walls is exactly the same throughout its length, and the pipe width is even 2 mm smaller. What are these changes affecting? Due to the thickening of the pipe walls at the connectors, the connections between the square trusses become more reliable, which is natural, because the dimensions of the farm are also increased. But an insignificant decrease in the width of the pipe itself affects the fact that its weight is noticeably reduced. Accordingly, the strength of the farm remained at the same level, and the weight remained the same light.

    Square M400 Series Farm (358 × 226 Mm)

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    These aluminum farms of the High Capacity Truss Milos M400 series have an unusual cross-section - rectangular. The width of one side of the farm is larger than the other - 358x266 mm. This form gives the structure additional stability, especially if the structure, for example, arched construction, is very large. Another of their advantages - surprisingly low weight with a large margin of safety - only from 8 to 35 kg.

    Square M520 Series Farm

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    Sturdy farm - stable construction Aluminum trusses Ultimate Strength Truss M520 square section are designed for large structures. Represent whole structures with diagonal joints of pipes, connected by pulse welding method. In length the farm has 1 meter, in and width - just over half a meter, but weighs only 16 kilograms.

    Square section trusses

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