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    Smoke and fog generators

    Smoke-machines and fog generators can work independently, as well as in combination with sound and lighting equipment. Generators of heavy smoke create the effects of steaming smoke, a curtain, a smoke column. Consumables - dry ice (solid CO2). Mist generators are used to emphasize light effects. Create a shroud (whitish screen), but more transparent than smoke machines.

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    FAZE 850 FT PRO™

    The light smoke generator for professional use on the stages and in studios Robe FAZE 850 FT PRO ™ produces exceptionally clean and dry white smoke.

    FOG 1600 FT™

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    The FOG 1600 FT ™ smoke generator has a tank capacity of 6 liters, is equipped with a low liquid level indicator: a blue LED and a radio control kit W-1 (receiver and transmitter)

    FOG 850 FT™

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    Robe FOG 850 FT ™ - light smoke generator is designed for professional use in concert venues, in theaters, television studios.

    Smoke and fog generators

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