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    1. Installation of choreographic mirrors

    Choreographic mirror is the key tool of dancer. That is why it should meet highest requirements for both coating and installation.

    Only professional installation can guarantee smooth surface without bending and distortion. And our skilled specialists can perform such installation.

    2. Installation of stage and dance flooring

    Installation of stage and dance flooring is one of the most important and most challenging works. Depending on the coating different technologies are used:

    • Gluing using hot or cold welding for joints
    • Temporary installation with possibility of dismantling flooring later
    • Gluing using specialized duct tapes for joints

    We make all necessary measurements, prepare floor before installation and perform installation using best available technologies.

    3. Installation of choreographic machines

    Our specialist will perform measurements, estimate and installation of choreographic machine according to your requirements.

    Reliability and stability of installed machine is the key requirement. That is why we use only durable and quality fastening during installation.