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    Scenic linoleum of the Semper Opera in Dresden

    Friday, November 17, 2017

    More than a hundred and fifty years in Dresden, the Semper Opera. Like the Phoenix from the fire, it rebelled in difficult years for the country - during a big fire in the 19th century, during the bombing of World War II, during a recent flood. During the restoration work in two rehearsal and one stage hall was laid modern stage linoleum Harlequin.

    - We chose the Harlequin, because it is the best in the world ballet floors, dance and stage coverings. I've always spoken to them before, and I know about their qualities not by hearsay, "says Aaron Watkin, artistic director of the Semper Opera.

    The high quality of the products can be explained by the fact that the manufacturer regularly conducts tests and is oriented in manufacturing to the needs of dancers. Stage products can also be bought on the Russian market, at STEF.