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    ROBIN® 600E Spot

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    ROBIN® 600E Spot lighting equipment - power and economy The ROBIN® 600E Spot model belongs to the category of intelligent lighting equipment such as Spot. Its distinguishing feature is power with low power consumption. It produces a spectacular, bright and very dense light beam, which can be enhanced by technology to control the uniformity of brightness distribution.

    ROBIN® DL4F Wash ™

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    ROBIN® DL4F Intelligent Lighting Device WASH ™ ROBIN® DL4F WASH ™ with LEDs - an improved version of the earlier version, more energy-efficient and full-featured.

    ROBIN® DL7F Wash ™

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    Light device DL7F Wash with a high level of color rendition ROBIN® DL7F WASH ™ using LEDs is a more advanced model of its predecessor, even more economical and has a wider functionality.

    BMFL Spot™

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    The light device BMFL Spot ™ - power and warranty! The abbreviation of the name of the light device BMFL ™ stands for Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire, and translates as "a bright multi-functional light device. This name reflects its distinctive feature - it really produces a powerful light beam.

    ColorStrobe ™ — ColorStrobe Lite ™

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    The ColorStrobe ™ stroboscope and its ColorStrobe Lite ™ version have a waterproof casing that allows it to be used to create strobe effects on scenes and parties, including the open air.

    Eurolite Snow 6001

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    The snow effect generator Eurolite Snow 6001 uses a standard "snow" liquid. Throw snow flakes at a distance of up to two meters. It is used in theaters, at concerts, on TV shows and movies.