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    Mobile Scene Xstage Unit 1

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    Stage structures xstage unit 1 - fast assembly, simple installation The main difference of such a team stage design is the possibility of its quick assembly and disassembly, both in the buildings of stage complexes and in the open air of uneven terrain (the supports are adjusted to the desired height). Stage structures xstage unit 1 - are kits consisting of seven separate elements (7 podiums S8 2 x 1 m and 1 module 1x1 m). In the assembled state this small mobile structure has a rectangular shape 5 m long, 3 m wide and 40 cm high.

    Mobile Scene Xstage Unit 2

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    Mobile stage xstage unit 2 - any bold decisions are possible The mobile scene xstage unit 2 is used in concert venues, during shows, in television studios, etc. It is a stepped scene and consists of nine elements (three for each level, dimensions - 2x1 m). In the assembled state, the mobile scene has dimensions of 6x3, and the height of each subsequent level is increased by 20 cm: the height of the first is 0.2 m, the second one is 0.4 m, and the third is 0.6 m. The installation of the stage structure, thanks to adjustable supports and mobile the principle of assembly with the help of connecting elements, even on an uneven surface can be made as soon as possible. The surface has an anti-slip coating.

    Podium Series S1

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    The stage podium Milos will help to realize the most incredible fantasies   The stage podium of the S1 MILOS STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS series is a scissor type podium, the hallmark of which is the ability to quickly assemble a scene. Height (at stage stages S1 - from 400 mm to 1000 mm.) Is set by the adjustment of not four supports, but only one, the central fastening element, by the lever method. This greatly shortens the time and simplifies the process of installing stage constructions.

    Podium Series S4

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    A simple collapsible stage for technically complex events Podiums series S4 produced by MILOS STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS in front of other catwalks, they have a significant plus - a collapsible stage of high altitude (up to 2.5 meters) and different configurations mounted quite quickly. Dimensions - another useful property is in demand at large, mass events, when the speakers should be visible from afar, from all corners of the stage complex or the open air. In addition, thanks to the equipping of the S4 podium with additional cross and diagonal fasteners, one can not be afraid that a scene of such a large height will not be stable.

    Podium Series S8

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    Collapsible scenes and podiums MILOS STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS - is the success and style of your event The MILOS STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS is an ultra-robust stage platform of the S8 series. It is a versatile design for assembling large scenes of any imaginable configuration. Thanks to a specially designed profile, it allows other elements of stage designs to be combined with this model. Adjustable supports have a wide altitude range - from 200 mm to 1500 mm.

    Podium Series S8 Light

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    MILOS team stage - the style of your event S8 Light are universal podiums with a heavy-duty design, allowing users to mount large scenes of almost any configuration. The team stage has a specially developed profile S8 Light, which can take different configurations. A wide range of accessories includes handrails, ladders, barriers, etc., and allows you to create different forms of the collection scene from the podiums S8 Light. The main difference between these podiums is low weight and high strength.

    Mobile stages and podiums

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