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    Liquids for smoke machines

    Liquids for smoke machines can make the smoke or fog produced by them of different density and properties completely harmless to human health and practically devoid of odor. Special fluids for smoke machines consist of distilled water mixed with a certain amount of distilled glycerin with the addition of different flavors. When heated in the evaporator, they turn into smoke coming from the nozzle of the machine, which, with its veil, creates a unique atmosphere on the stages and shows.

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    FOG Fluids

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    The fluid for smoke generators FOG Fluids is available in several forms: for the production of light smoke of rapid dispersion, dense smoke of long-term dispersion, very dense smoke of long-term dispersion and fog of high density.

    JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid 9.5 L

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    The liquid for the C-Plus fog generator (the full name is C-Plus Haze Fluid Compact Hazer Pro) is supplied in canisters of 9.5 liters capacity. It allows creating an ideal background for laser and light projections.

    JEM K1 Haze Fluid 2.5 gal./9.5 L

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    The liquid for K1 Haze Fluid fog generators from JEM produces a "wet" mist for a better projection of the light rays. When working with this liquid, the generator creates a fog effect of long-term dispersion.

    Liquids for smoke machines

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