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    Devices LED Wash Moving Head are equipped with economical, but powerful LEDs. Have a small weight, the resource of work is increased, and power consumption is lowered. They are used both for creating a fill with light and for a light show in a smoky space.
    Buy light equipment LED Wash Light Moving Head in Moscow and other regions of Russia, you can turn to our specialists - they will help you decide on the choice of a lighting device!

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    Color Imagination LEDWASH 360F/FW

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    The 360F / FW device blended seamlessly with the LEDWASH family manufactured by Color Imagintation. And this means that it is also an optimal and very popular option for creating a light show at concerts, discos, pubs and nightclubs. With one difference - its functionality is more extended.

    ROBIN® DL4F Wash ™

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    ROBIN® DL4F Intelligent Lighting Device WASH ™ ROBIN® DL4F WASH ™ with LEDs - an improved version of the earlier version, more energy-efficient and full-featured.

    ROBIN® DL7F Wash ™

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    Light device DL7F Wash with a high level of color rendition ROBIN® DL7F WASH ™ using LEDs is a more advanced model of its predecessor, even more economical and has a wider functionality.

    Color Imagination FLYEYE 1915F

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    FLYEYE 1915F, equipped with nineteen 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs OSRAM OSTAR with a power of fifteen watts, is characterized by the possibility of creating extraordinary light effects.

    Color Imagination LEDWASH 324/324W

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    The light device LEDWASH 324 / 324W - is rightly called a legend. Due to its wide functionality it is ideal for discotheques, live concerts, nightclubs, etc.

    Color Imagination LEDZOOM 360F

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    A distinctive feature of the LEDZOOM 360F is that it is called the standard of color mixing and smoothness of the adjustment of the light flux.

    LED Wash

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