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    ACE roads from Geriets are designed to open and close parts of the curtain, as well as move scenery along the road. It is important to say that this stage mechanics is provided for direct configurations. Roads are suitable only for stationary installation and are not designed for engine operation.

    Stapler GaffGun - Set

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    GaffGun - Set - Skotcheukladchik for household, commercial, dance linoleum, which you can buy at an attractive price. It has two wheels and a control mechanism. Allows you to lay linoleum, making it 3-4 times faster than manually.


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    Roads for curtains from the well-known manufacturer Garriets, model TRUMPF are used for medium loads. They are able to withstand light fabric or scenery and are intended only for permanent installations. It is important to know that these roads are not suitable for engine operation. With the help of TRUMPF roads, you can open and close the curtain, as well as move light scenery.

    Vario Ergodance

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    The ballet dance floor of the VARIO ERGODANCE series is intended for installation on stages, in dance and rehearsal rooms. It has a square shape (dimensions 100x100 cm or 100x200 cm, thickness 43 mm). Produced by Gerriets from a plywood panel made of birch with a smooth surface on both sides. Hard base layer of fiberboard. It is equipped with a device for elasticity - two-layer blocks of elastomer. The locking system "tongue-groove" allows you to lay the dance floor in the shortest possible time.