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    Generators of snow, foam, soap bubbles

    The generator of soap bubbles when switched on continuously produces and spreads soap bubbles of various diameters over long distances. As a consumable material, a special liquid is used, leaving no traces on the spectators' clothing. The snow generator produces a stream of small flakes of special foam, which creates the effect of falling snow and blizzards. Snow is obtained from a special liquid, absolutely harmless when it hits the hair and skin and does not leave stains on clothes. Flakes of snow form foam drifts and quickly dry out completely.

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    Eurolite Snow 6001

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    The snow effect generator Eurolite Snow 6001 uses a standard "snow" liquid. Throw snow flakes at a distance of up to two meters. It is used in theaters, at concerts, on TV shows and movies.

    Generators of snow, foam, soap bubbles

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