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    Source Four Revolution

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    Project Source Four Revolution - compact and wide functionality. Source Four Revolution is not without reason called a revolutionary searchlight. With its small size and weight, it absorbed many functions, so useful for controlling and creating lighting effects

    Selador Desire Vivid

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    Selador Desire Vivid - a line of profile LED devices designed for intensive mixing of colors.

    Selador Lustr

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    In the Lustr line, the x7 Color system is optimized for a wide range of white and light tones, similar to the natural shades of the human skin, thereby solving the problem of all LED appliances, in the light of which people's faces look unnatural.

    Selador Paletta

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    LED panel Paletta - superstar in bright colors of the Selador series. Provides a wide color palette for blurred, cyclical and decorative lighting on stage. Luminaires Paletta - small and economical - provide the depth of color, which is usually obtained by using color filters pastel colors.

    Selador Vivid

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    Vivid Fire and Ice are two new ETC spotlights that combine the best that there is in LED technology and the unique new color system x7 Color from Selador. But also these new powerful color devices take care of the environment - producing a high-watt color with the help of low-voltage LEDs. In normal use, these lamps consume 70 W compared to their halogen counterparts consuming more than 575 watts.