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    Dimmer DMX blocks allow you to adjust the brightness of light. Connecting uncontrolled light devices through the dimmer blocks allows you to control the brightness of the light device. With it, you can fill the dance floor of the nightclub with the light of all the instruments, or instantly dim the light, creating an intimate atmosphere.
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    4D24-16 DMX DR EUR

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    D24 are digital DMX-blocks with the number of channels up to 24, equipped with chokes. In these units, the customer receives three devices at a time: a 24-channel dimmer, an opening input device (an input automaton), and an output device (an output device).

    Svetogor 4D24-25DR DMX-512

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    4D24-25 The DMX DR EUR is not just a dimmer, it is a power unit that, in addition to the 24-channel dimmer with chokes, accommodates the switching device (input automat) and the output device of the trip (output automat).