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    4D24-16 DMX DR EUR

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    D24 are digital DMX-blocks with the number of channels up to 24, equipped with chokes. In these units, the customer receives three devices at a time: a 24-channel dimmer, an opening input device (an input automaton), and an output device (an output device).


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    The Ether2DMX8 splitter can enter as a DMX router, it translates the Artnet protocol into DMX. Provides the possibility of remote access to the Internet. There are 8 DMX ports.

    EUROLITE DMX operator 192 channels

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    DMX operator 192 - 192-channel DMX controller for controlling light devices has 30 programs of 8 steps, 6 chasers up to 240 steps, 12 devices with 16 DMX channels, 8 control faders. Equipped with an audio input and built-in microphone, the DMX signal polarity switch. The kit includes a remote power adapter 220V DC / 12V DC 500 mA.

    Hog 4

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    The control panel Hog 4 is the flagship in our newest range of consoles. Includes the latest technology, while maintaining familiar to all surface management. Users can set up lighting equipment programs without having to learn a completely new interface.

    Martin DMX Splitter 5.3

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    The Martin DMX Splitter 5.3 splitter is ideal for live performances, both sound and light, providing a reliable, safe and manageable voltage distribution.

    Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter

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    The Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter is an ideal addition to any controller or DMX / RDM device.

    Control systems

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