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    The control panels are designed to control light devices and special effect generators. There are hardware and software control panels. With their help, DJs, operators, show directors can remotely set the angle, direction, speed, etc. light devices, creating the right atmosphere in night clubs, discos, concerts, presentations.

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    EUROLITE DMX operator 192 channels

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    DMX operator 192 - 192-channel DMX controller for controlling light devices has 30 programs of 8 steps, 6 chasers up to 240 steps, 12 devices with 16 DMX channels, 8 control faders. Equipped with an audio input and built-in microphone, the DMX signal polarity switch. The kit includes a remote power adapter 220V DC / 12V DC 500 mA.

    Hog 4

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    The control panel Hog 4 is the flagship in our newest range of consoles. Includes the latest technology, while maintaining familiar to all surface management. Users can set up lighting equipment programs without having to learn a completely new interface.

    Titan Mobile Console

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    The Titan Mobile Console operates with the TITAN operating system, has four DMX 512 outputs. Full TITAN functionality, mobile replacement for stationary consoles, while preserving their capabilities. To work, you need a computer with a display (recommended touch) and 2 USB ports.

    Control panels

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