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    Color Imagination LEDWASH 360F/FW

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    The 360F / FW device blended seamlessly with the LEDWASH family manufactured by Color Imagintation. And this means that it is also an optimal and very popular option for creating a light show at concerts, discos, pubs and nightclubs. With one difference - its functionality is more extended.

    Color Imagination FLYEYE 1915F

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    FLYEYE 1915F, equipped with nineteen 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs OSRAM OSTAR with a power of fifteen watts, is characterized by the possibility of creating extraordinary light effects.

    Color Imagination LEDWASH 324/324W

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    The light device LEDWASH 324 / 324W - is rightly called a legend. Due to its wide functionality it is ideal for discotheques, live concerts, nightclubs, etc.

    Color Imagination LEDZOOM 360F

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    A distinctive feature of the LEDZOOM 360F is that it is called the standard of color mixing and smoothness of the adjustment of the light flux.

    Color Imagination MINIWASH 150

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    The LEDZOOM 360F is equipped with a motorized linear zoom of 8 ° to 60 °. The beam is produced by 36 diodes with a power of 10 W. And all diodes will be included in the LED "rotating head" MINIWASH 150 belongs to the dynasty of MINI devices from the popular company Color Imagintation and is widely used to create light shows at concerts, discos, pubs, etc., and four more elements of different colors 2.5 watts each. It has low power consumption, compactness and low weight. All this makes it an ideal option for use in nightclubs, discos, concert stars, etc.


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    MINISPOT 90 is an LED Spot device with a powerful 90W LED, a high-performance optical system and a color temperature of 7500K.