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    Beam type instruments

    Beam type devices are automated, create a powerful, concentrated beam, with a lot of colors and shapes. Can serve as a flood light device (for example, for decrations on stage), or create beautiful pictures and effects in the sky.

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    ROBIN® 600E Spot

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    ROBIN® 600E Spot lighting equipment - power and economy The ROBIN® 600E Spot model belongs to the category of intelligent lighting equipment such as Spot. Its distinguishing feature is power with low power consumption. It produces a spectacular, bright and very dense light beam, which can be enhanced by technology to control the uniformity of brightness distribution.

    Source Four Revolution

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    Project Source Four Revolution - compact and wide functionality. Source Four Revolution is not without reason called a revolutionary searchlight. With its small size and weight, it absorbed many functions, so useful for controlling and creating lighting effects


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    Compact, light, low-noise, lightweight searchlight full rotation.


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    MINIBEAM 90 - light and small light device, equipped with a powerful 90-watt LED of a new type with a color temperature of 7500K.

    ROBIN® 100 LEDBeam

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    ROBIN® 100 lighting equipment LEDBeam-lightness and compactness ROBIN® 100 LEDBeam - unique lighting equipment. The device differs from all light corks (and not only this manufacturer of lighting equipment), an unusually light weight and speed of creating lighting effects.

    ROBIN® 100 LEDBeam DL

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    Light Fixture 100 LEDBeam DL - Full Range of White The 100 LEDBeam DL light fixture is popular in that it reproduces a white beam in a full range of shades. Twelve LED RGBW-multichip with a power of 15 watts create a powerful beam with a seven-degree opening angle.

    Beam type instruments

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