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    Amortising floors

    Amortizing floors protect dancers from injuries during accidental falls and contribute to a gentle movement that provides comfort to the feet. Can be stacked on any flat surface. Over them it is recommended to lay dance and ballet covers.

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    Harlequin Liberty

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    Dance floor Harlequin LIBERTY The ballet dance floor Harlequin LIBERTY is produced in a tour and stationary version. The only element that distinguishes the tour version from the stationary one is the base of the wood plate in order to: simplify the laying of the boards on the stage, prevent the base blocks from moving, protect during transportation and storage. Stacking time: 100 m per hour by efforts of 2 workers.

    Manero Classic

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    Dance floor Manero is a spring collection floor for ballet linoleum. Elements are connected together through a system of spike-in-the-groove and fixed by a frame around the perimeter. Used in dance studios, rehearsal rooms, and also on the dance floor.

    Vario Ergodance

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    The ballet dance floor of the VARIO ERGODANCE series is intended for installation on stages, in dance and rehearsal rooms. It has a square shape (dimensions 100x100 cm or 100x200 cm, thickness 43 mm). Produced by Gerriets from a plywood panel made of birch with a smooth surface on both sides. Hard base layer of fiberboard. It is equipped with a device for elasticity - two-layer blocks of elastomer. The locking system "tongue-groove" allows you to lay the dance floor in the shortest possible time.

    Amortising floors

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