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    Adapters of square cross-section

    Adapters (multicubes) of square cross-section are designed specifically for connecting 6 square trusses, manufactured by Milos, by connecting elements

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    Multicub 4GS-62-J41

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    Aluminum farms to buy and not worry - the concert will begin on time The 4GS-62-J41 multi-cube manufactured by Milos was developed specifically for connecting farms of the same series. It can be mounted both at the junction points and at the turning points. On each of the six sides of the pipe, the pipes have end brackets for the end joints. The MultiCube has an irregular cubic shape with connecting dimensions of 660x720x650 mm. Weighs 20.7 kilograms. Aluminum farms to buy in STEF - means to create a design with reliable connectors.

    MultiCube 4GS-35-J41

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    Fabrication of structures of trusses with multicube 4GS-35-J21 (4GS-35 junction) from Milos - reliable connection of elements of your success The 4GS-35-J21 multi-cube has been designed specifically for connection of the construction of 6 farm 4GS-35 multi-cube trusses, manufactured by Milos, using connecting elements (included in the kit or presented in the product catalog). The cubicle has the correct cubic shape (dimensions: 373x373x347mm). Thanks to the aluminum alloy (EN-AW6082T6) it has a light weight of 10.6 kg. Has increased strength and reliably strengthens the entire truss structure.

    MultiCube 4GS-35-MS

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    The 4GS-35-MC farm from Milos is a multicube type having dimensions of 447x447x347 mm. It is intended for installation in points of connection of trusses in all directions, that is it is capable to connect 6 farms of 4GS-35 series in places of transition of scenic construction. Has a light weight of 16.9 kg, has increased strength (alloy EN-AW6082T6, the main pipe - 48x4,5mm, lintels - 25x3mm).

    Supporting Plate 4GS-35-BPF

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    Quality elements of trusses - strong constructions The reference plate 4GS-35-BPF from Milos has the right square shape (dimensions: 390 × 390 mm) with a plate thickness of 5 mm. Provides good integration of the 4GS-35 series of trusses to the ground or wall, increasing the stability of the entire structure. Elements of trusses are fastened with them by means of brackets located on the plate and connecting elements (there is in the catalog of goods).

    Supporting Plate 4GS-35-BPM

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    The Milos base plate is a solid base for any design of metal trusses The Milos support plate 4GS-35-BPM is almost identical to the 4GS-35-BPF plate - the same dimensions (390 × 390 mm), the same plate thickness (5mm), and it also perfectly provides grip in the design of the 4GS metal series -35 with a ground or a wall, increasing the stability of the entire structure. There is only one difference: the plate is not provided with grooves, but with brackets, that is, the 4GS-35-BPM 4GS-35 is directly opposed to the type of connection, and, therefore, the use of connecting elements (in the catalog of goods, also ask when ordering), fasteners her with the farms in the construction.

    Adapters of square cross-section

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