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    Support Unregulated

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    Elements of podiums S3 for non-standard solutions Supports are unregulated S3 standard - integral elements of the podium of the same series, made of high-quality aluminum. It has a height of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mm and a diameter of 48 mm. One end has a rigid fixed connection with the platform of the platform of the podium, at the other end is a plastic softener, protecting the floor surface from damage. The maximum load is 500 kg / m2.

    Supporting Plate 4GS-35-BPF

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    Quality elements of trusses - strong constructions The reference plate 4GS-35-BPF from Milos has the right square shape (dimensions: 390 × 390 mm) with a plate thickness of 5 mm. Provides good integration of the 4GS-35 series of trusses to the ground or wall, increasing the stability of the entire structure. Elements of trusses are fastened with them by means of brackets located on the plate and connecting elements (there is in the catalog of goods).

    Supporting Plate 4GS-35-BPM

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    The Milos base plate is a solid base for any design of metal trusses The Milos support plate 4GS-35-BPM is almost identical to the 4GS-35-BPF plate - the same dimensions (390 × 390 mm), the same plate thickness (5mm), and it also perfectly provides grip in the design of the 4GS metal series -35 with a ground or a wall, increasing the stability of the entire structure. There is only one difference: the plate is not provided with grooves, but with brackets, that is, the 4GS-35-BPM 4GS-35 is directly opposed to the type of connection, and, therefore, the use of connecting elements (in the catalog of goods, also ask when ordering), fasteners her with the farms in the construction.

    Telescopic support

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    Telescopic podium supports - convenience and safety Telescopic support S3 - is the support for the podiums of the same series, which has a telescopic structure (embedding aluminum tubular elements into each other). It has an initial height of 1 meter, but is capable of raising the podium to 1.5 meters. The width of the support is 48 millimeters.

    The MR1 Series Arched roof

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    The roof of the scene MR1 - the wind and rain are not a hindrance The roof of MR1 was created to organize and conduct both small street events and mass ones. The special curved aluminum roof of the stage gives the design a dynamic look and perfectly protects against wind and water during rains.

    The MR1T Arched roof

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    MR1T is an upgraded version of our popular MR1 roofing system. I picked up all the best from the previous version, only the lifting system works both from a manual winch and from an electric one.