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    Flat farm series M222

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    Flat Scale Small Scale Truss - light and durable! Flat farm M222 has all the undoubted advantages of the type of small format models. Due to its technical characteristics (width 222 mm, pipe width - 32 mm with wall thickness - only 1.5), the farm of this series is light weight. The presented flat truss, respectively, is lighter than the M222 models of triangular and square cross-section.

    Mobile Scene Xstage Unit 1

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    Stage structures xstage unit 1 - fast assembly, simple installation The main difference of such a team stage design is the possibility of its quick assembly and disassembly, both in the buildings of stage complexes and in the open air of uneven terrain (the supports are adjusted to the desired height). Stage structures xstage unit 1 - are kits consisting of seven separate elements (7 podiums S8 2 x 1 m and 1 module 1x1 m). In the assembled state this small mobile structure has a rectangular shape 5 m long, 3 m wide and 40 cm high.

    Mobile Scene Xstage Unit 2

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    Mobile stage xstage unit 2 - any bold decisions are possible The mobile scene xstage unit 2 is used in concert venues, during shows, in television studios, etc. It is a stepped scene and consists of nine elements (three for each level, dimensions - 2x1 m). In the assembled state, the mobile scene has dimensions of 6x3, and the height of each subsequent level is increased by 20 cm: the height of the first is 0.2 m, the second one is 0.4 m, and the third is 0.6 m. The installation of the stage structure, thanks to adjustable supports and mobile the principle of assembly with the help of connecting elements, even on an uneven surface can be made as soon as possible. The surface has an anti-slip coating.

    Multicub 4GS-62-J41

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    Aluminum farms to buy and not worry - the concert will begin on time The 4GS-62-J41 multi-cube manufactured by Milos was developed specifically for connecting farms of the same series. It can be mounted both at the junction points and at the turning points. On each of the six sides of the pipe, the pipes have end brackets for the end joints. The MultiCube has an irregular cubic shape with connecting dimensions of 660x720x650 mm. Weighs 20.7 kilograms. Aluminum farms to buy in STEF - means to create a design with reliable connectors.

    MultiCube 4GS-35-J41

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    Fabrication of structures of trusses with multicube 4GS-35-J21 (4GS-35 junction) from Milos - reliable connection of elements of your success The 4GS-35-J21 multi-cube has been designed specifically for connection of the construction of 6 farm 4GS-35 multi-cube trusses, manufactured by Milos, using connecting elements (included in the kit or presented in the product catalog). The cubicle has the correct cubic shape (dimensions: 373x373x347mm). Thanks to the aluminum alloy (EN-AW6082T6) it has a light weight of 10.6 kg. Has increased strength and reliably strengthens the entire truss structure.

    MultiCube 4GS-35-MS

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    The 4GS-35-MC farm from Milos is a multicube type having dimensions of 447x447x347 mm. It is intended for installation in points of connection of trusses in all directions, that is it is capable to connect 6 farms of 4GS-35 series in places of transition of scenic construction. Has a light weight of 16.9 kg, has increased strength (alloy EN-AW6082T6, the main pipe - 48x4,5mm, lintels - 25x3mm).