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    ACE roads from Geriets are designed to open and close parts of the curtain, as well as move scenery along the road. It is important to say that this stage mechanics is provided for direct configurations. Roads are suitable only for stationary installation and are not designed for engine operation.


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    The winch BGV-D8 is designed for lifting and moving loads, with a constant speed. It is designed for a load from 250 kg to 12 tons. It is equipped with a patented friction clutch that reliably protects the winch against overloads. It is controlled with the help of manual controllers. There is a special cloth bag for laying the chain.

    Controller Series CM-820

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    Controller series CM-820, is designed to remotely control the top mechanics of the scene. Has a rugged body with indicators of operations and common errors, as well as control buttons.

    Individual point lift

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    Individual point lifts serve for the movement of local objects or individual scenery

    Jumbo Lift

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    Stage winches Jumbo Lift - one of the first, produced by the company ChainMaster. But till now they are very popular all over the world. Almost for three decades, that these stage winches are being manufactured, the design has been modified, corresponding to the rapidly developing sphere of technical equipment of the stage. They have two lifting speeds, the carrying capacity is from 3 to 12 tons.

    Manual Controller Series CM-801

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    The manual control unit series CM-801 is used for manual control of four winches. The remote control is stationary. Has a "start" button and four switches for chain operation up and down. The length of the cable is 6 meters. Input - CEE-16/5 with bass reflex, output to four connectors CEE 16/4. The safety system includes alarm contactors, and an emergency stop button. It monitors the phase. The manual control unit CM-801 for eight winches has an aluminum casing and a remote control, on which are located: 8 switches "up / down", "start" button, emergency stop button, emergency contactors. Six-meter cable. Input CEE-32/5 with bass reflex, output 8 x connectors CEE 16/4. It monitors the phase, it is possible to combine through a splitter